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What Is Server Management?

At its core, server management is concerning having management or access to servers so as to perform differing types of administrative or maintenance operations. It additionally involves server watching and visibility into however a given server is working to assist improve and optimize performance.

The primary goals of an effective strategy are to:

  • Minimize—and hopefully eliminate—server slowdowns and downtime
  • Build secure server environments
  • Ensure servers continue to meet the needs of an organization as it evolves
servers management

The Components of Server Management

Hardware Management

Monitor your key hardware components from CPUs to RAM, to ensure good server performance

Software Management

Ensure software, firmware and operating systems are regularly updated


Implement security measures like antivirus software, firewalls, access control and data encryptions.


Whether you use cloud or physical storage back up data regularly and have a recovery plan in place.


Server Management Services

Everyone that owns a server needs it. Some people do the server management themselves (often called “self-managed”), and some people get professional services.

The most common users of managed service providers are:

Benefits Of Server Management Services

The reasons why you should use server management services are the same with the actual benefits of using them.

Fewer costs

Instead of hiring a regular system administrator (which are often quite costly), you'll get a server management plan and save lots of (if not thousands) of dollars on a monthly basis. Some server providers offer a ‘managed service’ as AN add-on to their servers, however it typically is far costlier than obtaining managed services from a 3-rd party provider.

Fewer worries

Why must you worry concerning updates and security of your server 24/7 once you will have consultants taking care of your server? No need to stay updated on the latest security patches and releases, your server will be taken care of.


Depending on the provider itself and the experience of the sysadmins involved, the turnaround time for server problems and tasks is fairly fast. therefore rather than wasting hours on troubleshooting and analysis, you'll have experts work on your server and fix any problems in an exceedingly matter of minutes. This still depends on the severity and complexness of the problem itself, however when put next, having knowledgeable server managers functioning on your server is way faster than doing it yourself.