Reseller Hosting is a mainstream decision for engineers and industry experts who run or exchange numerous sites. Effectively make another cPanel login for every client or site. Isolating your locales keeps your sites safer. At the point when a site has an issue like an endeavor, security imperfection, or traffic spike your different sites won’t be influenced. Each record incorporates every one of the highlights accessible with our Standard Web Hosting bundle. Our common facilitating workers have many underlying highlights like security, speed, reserving and that’s just the beginning. The advantages of every one of these highlights may give you a benefit over our VPS Hosting.

Building your own web hosting business is currently easy with OWS Reseller Hosting. Our versatile Linux Reseller Hosting plans enable you to form custom-built hosting plans with unmetered disc space and ample bandwidth. WHM/CPanel is bundled with each plan and provides an intuitive user interface to help you within the method of hosting websites, 1-click-install scripts and supporting customer.

reseller hosting

Manage your Accounts

Create a New Account

Create a cPanel or reseller account. These accounts can manage domain and email.

List Account

View and manage all of the accounts on your server. This includes cPanel and reseller account.

Add a Package

Create a hosting plan(package). Packages determine the features and quotes for each account.

Reseller Center

View and manage reseller account on your server Reseller manage other cPanel accounts and can access cPanel

Transfer Tool

Easily transfer cPanel and reseller accounts from a remote cPanel & WHM server to this server

Backup Restoration

Restore cPanel or reseller accounts from your existing backup archives.

Manage your Servers

Process Manager

View and manage server's processes. This interface list all of your server's running processes.

Service Manager

View and manage a list of services and their domains

Show Current Disk Usage

View your server's current partition and hard disk usage.

Stress-Free Management

You will receive the the most secure hardware and software firewalls around due to its top security standards mean that let you and your client to stay stress-free

Spend Less, Earn More

Three flexible evaluation plans facilitate get your business off on the proper foot. As a result of you set the costs, the profit possibilities are up to you. Want additional resources? Feel free to upgrade to a different set up.

Brand Your Business

Make your mark by making a business front that’s entirely yours. White-labeled promoting tools, your alternative of CMS, and administrative access via WHM (cPanel) assist you get there.