bckgr Private Cloud Powered By VMware Hypervisor and Hyper-V
Host and Manage Your Company’s Critical Data and Applications.

Private Cloud-Servers

Cloud Servers are cost effective high-performance, reliable servers designed to help you grow and scale your business quickly and easily.


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Private Cloud Benefits

Trusted Platform

Built on enterprise hardware and VMware/Hyper-V server virtualization platform, you'll be able to maximize device utilization and leverage options like resource scheduling, snapshots, backups, live migration and disaster recovery.

Blazing Fast Computing

OwnWebServers Private Cloud service offers a flexible, dedicated environment configured to fullfill your specific business needs, permitting you to respond quickly to changing business demands and needs.

Dedicated Administration

We will actively manage your private cloud server’s resources, as well as CPU, network, system performance and hard disk utilization.

Compliance Standards

Managed hosting services are in strict compliance with the most recent Data Security Standards. This solution comes with : ISO 27001, SSAE16 Audit, SOC I and SOC II, PCI Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, and PCI DSS certifications.

Secure environment

The data in your Private Cloud is protected and totally isolated at the hardware, hypervisor and network levels. OwnWebServers security system provides continuous monitoring and alerts for network and server resources.

Private Cloud Management

Through our Vmware or Hyper-V Management tools, clients can start up, stop, and gain console access to any organized virtual machine. Resources is scaled up or down easily based on requirements.

Predictable Expenses

Manage your plan with fixed monthly pricing based on your resources. Along With Private Cloud, you can get unlimited traffic, guaranteed bandwidth, and Hyper-V or VMware licenses. There are no hidden or upfront expenses.

Flexibility and Scalability

Do you require to resize your infrastructure quickly to deal with traffic spikes? With Private Cloud, you'll be able to add or remove additional resources on demand quickly. Resources also can be load-balanced for optimum performance.

Daily Backups & Snapshots

All data is protected with our daily backups. We also snapshot the data. These 2 levels of data protection make sure that your data can be recovered quickly with least downtime in event of hacking, exploits or human error.

Redundant Hosting

Our Private Cloud Server is Self-healing and built fully redundant. In case of any failures the systems will automatically failover to make sure that the system remains online without any disruptions.

Service Monitoring

All servers feature SNMP and performance monitoring tools so as to make sure all cloud resources are functioning properly. We have a tendency to additionally monitor Memory, CPU, Server Load, Network, and Disk health.

24/7/365 Dedicated Support

Our team of highly skilled certified engineers come up with dedicated support for your services. You'll also have an account manager who will personally manage all aspects of your account.